Saturday, September 16, 2006


'Check in'

Catch up posting:

Well I was at the airport, with my passport, I just needed the rest of the family!

Debbie and the rest of the family arrived at about 18:15, a little bit later than we intended, but with plenty of time for our 21:30 flights we thought….

We unloaded the taxi, and I soon realised that the two trolleys Debbie and I could handle with the two kids would not be adequate…. So I called a porter over, I really had enough and wanted to check in, well worth the £15.00.

We got to our check in area for EVA,  and I asked if this was the right area for us and was told by a slightly curt 'helper' that this was, and we got into the short queue.

When we were being seen to we were informed there was a separate check in desk for the business class travellers, which of course , was empty.

She said she could check us in but would need to go over the business class desk to print our tickets and passes out.
We then started to check the bags in 8 suitcases and the two car seats wrapped together as another large item.
The check in lady added all the luggage weights together and it totalled a whopping 168kg, we were officially entitled to 120kg and had spoken to the airlines and they said we would be okay for a further 3kg each taking us to 132 kg…. So she had to inform the supervisor. He came over and stated that we were over the allowance and he would have to charge us. We knew the excess charges were £30  per kg and knew this could be horrendous….. After some negotiation I managed to get the amount down to 5kg and £150…. Not ideal but what could we do? 

We had checked the weights at home, our scales must be out, god knows what we really weigh as well!

After I queued up to collect the tickets and pay the excess charges we made our way to the security gate and departures…

It was not pretty, but luckily we were allowed through the 'invite only' queue for the security , and this avoided the queue of people trying to fit their hand luggage into the 'boxes' that made sure they were the right size.

Ours would have fitted but the it would have required some pushing to get them in….

After the first phase we then got into the queue for the actual security check, it was moving slowly and we got see bins full of 'illegal' contraband that had been confiscated.

We finally got to the x-ray machines and loaded our hand luggage up , along with our shoes and my belt.
As we passed through, two of our bags were stopped for further inspection, mine and Debbie's, mine was soon cleared but Debbie had the kids medicines. They did not like the epipens for Mackenzie, but were okay when the doctors letter was produced. The other drugs we were told we could take were confiscated, although we were allowed to give the kids a dose of 'Mediced' before it was taken off us.

We made it through finally! I quickly changed up some pounds for $500 NZ dollars and we made our way to the business lounge, it was 20:45, so we just had time for a quick drink and to get the kids in to their pyjamas , before the flight was called for final check in. We had to rush to the gate, where we were put to the front of the queue as we were business class and had the kids…

As we finally stepped onto the plane and was escorted to our seats I started to relax, and when I saw the seats I was really pleased.

The business class seats looked awesome, only 3 pairs across the width of the plane. We were allocated two pairs , one behind the other by the windows, our overhead lockers were huge, and the two pieces of hand luggage we were allowed to take on looked lost in each of the two lockers we had…

As we sat down , I knew the decision to go business was justified, the seats were huge and very comfortable, with loads of leg room..

The hostess gave us some drinks as the rest of the passengers trundled past us to get to the rest of the seats at the back of the plane, we got a lot of envious looks!

We settled down for the next 26 hrs of flying.

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