Saturday, September 23, 2006


The Flights

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Well, as I sat back with my drink in hand, Mackenzie looked out of his window to the right of me and Freya was looking around her, in the seat behind with Debbie.

I started to wind down and started to wonder about the next challenge; How were the kids going to cope with the flights?

26hrs flying time is a stretch for anyone, let alone a nearly 3 and nearly 5 year olds.

The first take of was fine the kids had no problems with there ears, I showed Mackenzie the 'gold fish' technique to equalise his ears, which he thought was great. Freya was a sleep practically before the plane left the ground!

After we levelled out we made the kids seats go to there flat position and they settled down to go to sleep.

The first leg of the flight was a blur of good food, fine wine, films and sleep:
We had pre booked the meals via the EVA website, we could see what the meals looked like and booking online gave us additional choices.

The food and service was excellent, each round of food involved an excellent wine selection and four/five courses. Even the breakfast was four courses and Mackenzie was complaining that he did not usually get a 'pudding' with his breakfast!

The In-flight entertainment for the grownups was good, lots of current films and a few classics, all on our own personal screens and 'on demand'. There was a lot of additional channels with sports, documentaries and music. The children's channels were a little lacking and the kid must have watched a programme call 'New McDonalds Farm' a least a dozen times over the two legs, they did not seem to mind. Mackenzie has now developed an interest in all Land Rover's having watched a documentary on there history!

The first plane was a Boeing 777 and must have been almost brand new, the second plane an Airbus A330 (I think), and I have to say the 777 had the wider seats and made it easy to sleep in when flat.

The refuel on the first leg in Bangkok went without incident we left the plane walked up a corridor and up some escaltors and back on ourselves to be able to see our plane being refueled and cargo being taken off and reloaded with other cargo. The kids though it was great and I have to say the movable conveyor belt loaders they were using for the cargo was the widiest vechicle I have ever seen!

I don't think the kids really understood the concept of being in a completely different country thugh, Mackenzie spotting a 'Tesco' as we took off from Bangkok did not help either.

When we got to Taipei we walked to the next gate to pick up the second plane down to Auckland, New Zealand and again were in a very smart neutral waiting lounge. We could have been still in Heathrow! After a very short wait we got on to the flight and settled down for out final destination….

As with the first leg, the flight was a blur, the kids behaved brilliantly and charmed the air hostesses and received lots of attention in return.

As we approched New Zealand and the start of a new day, we had a breakfast and started to look for glimpses of our new home. Debbie and I exchanged glances the real start of our 'adventure' was going to start….

Our first glances of NZ were stunning, it was a briliant sunny day and there were minimal clouds in the sky, we could see the forests , coast line and blue sea. As we headed in towards Auckland we could see the build up of houses and the light industrial surrounds. The landing was smooth and as we came to a halt we all peered out side, we had landed and were finally here! The first challenge was to get through Immigration and activate our visa's.

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