Sunday, September 10, 2006


The Flying Day : Lost & Found Part One

Catch up posting:

Well they day seemed to start so well, we were packed and had a good night's kip
at Julian & Marta's.
I had a nice breakfast and was set to take on the last day's activities:

Drive back to Paddock Wood.
Take the rubbish to the tip.
Hoover the last bedroom.
Wait for the money to arrive on the completion of the contract.
Take the keys to the Estate agents.
Set up the post redirect.
Set up the money transfers to HIFX for our KIWI dollars.
Get back via train to Crowthorne for the taxi pickup @ 17:00 to get to Heathrow
for 18:00....

Well all was going well, I got to Paddock Wood in reasonable time.
Got the stuff to the tip.
Got a call saying our money was on the way to our bank account.
Handed over the keys to the estate agent.
Got the forms from the Post Office.
Went to the Natwest to sort out the CHAPS payment, they asked for my prove of ID....
and I could not find my passport! I had lost it....
My face must have been a picture of pure horror, the lady said to me not to panic
, it must be around somewhere....

I did not know where it had gone, I had left Julian's with it. My head went into
a spin and i grabbed all the paper work and maniacally started back tracking my

I went back to the estate agents, the tip, the old house ( I managed to get in as
I had not locked the back door!) I could not find it.

I then called Debbie, it was not good news.

Part Two to follow.

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