Tuesday, September 12, 2006


The Flying Day : Lost & Found Part Two

Catch up posting:

Well what can I say, I was flapping and did not know how to break the news to Debbie.
Debbie took it really well, and was calm about it, and talked me through where I had been and where I had used my passport.

I said that I had back tracked everywhere, and it was not to be found….

Debbie went off to make some calls, contacting the passport office, New Zealand House and TEG (The Emigration Group) to see what could be done.

We were due to fly at 21:30 and needed to be there at 18:30.

I repeated my search and went back to the old house one more time, the Flecks (new owners) were there and they opened the garage up for me to check in there, I had not managed to get in there on my last check of the house…

But, no , it was not there…..

Debbie got back to me and said the passport office would not be able to do anything today, but had made an appointment to see them tomorrow!

My heart sank, I had really screwed the flights out.
New Zealand House said they could reissue the visa's when I had the new passport, but could take a week to do.

All sorts of thoughts went through my head.
Debbie remained calm.

I felt numb, and decided to go back to the post office and check at the counter again.
As I approached the counter I was in a daze, I was going through the motions really, I had to do something.
I asked the manager who was behind the counter if anyone had handed in a passport….. To which he replied 'YES'.
I was speechless, he got the passport and checked the photo, to make sure it was me..
(What other idiot would lose their passport on the same day / town & time frame?)
Happy it was me, he handed it over and I was back up and running…

I phoned Debbie and gave her the good news, she burst into tears and had to hand the home to Marta, who was also in tears.

I quickly finished off the post redirect, went to the bank and to complete the CHAPS payments, who were slow and informed me that even though the money was in my account they could not sent it until tomorrow as, in theory, the instruction could still be reversed!

By this time, nothing was going to phase me, the last two hours had been hell, so let it go.

As I had lost so much time, here was no way I could get back to Crowthorne in time to make the taxi, so I phoned Debbie and said I would meet her at Heathrow.

So that left her to get 8 large bags (168kg it turned out!) and two small children to the airport on her own.

I got the train from Paddock Wood to Charing Cross, the tube to Paddington, and then got the Heathrow Express to the airport.

I got there for 17:15, well early!

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