Thursday, October 12, 2006


!NEW! Photo Album's now Online

Hi All

As promised I have publish some  of the photo's we have taken over the last 4/5 weeks since we have been here in New Zealand.

They are in date order and are a selection of the photos taken in the many different places we have been too.

I have had to reduce the quality to allow me to publish them , but the originals are safely stored.

If there is a particular picture you like, and want a copy, take a note of the album name (in green) and the photo ID below (currently in the nzone 999 range) and drop me an email, I'll send it to you!

If you want to know more about the picture, post a comment on this website and we will give you the details.

Going forward I hope to put comments on the pictures as I publish them, but as usual I ran out of time and just published them without the comments!

Anyway, we are all well and enjoying ourselves.

Keep the emails and comments coming, its great to hear from you all!

Kind Regards,

Nick & Family

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