Wednesday, February 21, 2007


!! Life in New Zealand !!

Hello People

Thanks for all the emails asking how we are and also the abusive ones demanding that we update the site.

I will apologise , once more , for our tardiness, and I have realised servicing all the individual emails has not been that economical  at spreading our progress.


I plan a number of postings over the remainder of this week and plan to cover off the main areas:


You may have noticed the Photo Albums have been added to substantially, if a picture is worth a thousand words, we have nearly a million words!

Again, happy to give you more information on the pictures as some of you were keen to know where some shots were taken.

I also plan to put a contacts link on the site, we are contactable via Skype and Windows Messenger so we can talk (and see you!) for free!

Of course more traditional methods work just as well and will supply these as requested!

'See' you soon and hope you enjoy the updates!

Kind Regards

Nick & Family

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