Wednesday, February 28, 2007


As much as I liked the idea of selling up , leaving the UK and moving to New Zealand and never having to work again….. It was never going to happen!

I knew that I would have to find some work in New Zealand and my skills are in IT.

I researched the job market as best as I could from the UK , and having looked at the forums out there discussing the merits of applying for work locally and remotely, I opted for the move to New Zealand then find work option.

I had decided I would make as many contacts as I could from the UK and work with the minimum number of Recruitment agencies in New Zealand and give my self the benefit of doing interviews and speaking to people face to face.

Many people who know me were surprised of this approach, but I wanted to have a bit more choice over where I landed up in NZ and whom I worked for , rather than take the more limited approach of dealing with the limited companies that would do the recruitment process completely remotely. Besides I did not want to alert my current employer as to what was going on….

The reality was that I had far more contacts in Wellington than Auckland, and that would have been the natural place to go to find work.
I wanted to see Auckland, the location , weather , sailing etc had more appeal to me then Wellington.

Anyway, we booked our flights to Auckland and a bach (see earlier posting) , we viewed any period of time I was not working as a holiday….
As it has turned out I got no holiday and really hit the ground running, read on.

Having made some appointments to see agents in Auckland in the first week , I attended the first meeting on the Tuesday of the first whole week when we arrived. ( We arrived on the previous Friday). This was with Neil Andrews & Associates, initially with a lady who was going to go through my CV with me , assess my skills and experience and then talk to the client account managers.
As it happened she brought another gentleman into the meeting , who had some ideas on where he could place me. From this initial meeting we discussed some roles in EDS New Zealand, and specifically a short contract that was available in the Unix Design Team.
Now, I know the people out there who know my technical background may be a little surprised at this, but it was not a hands on role and the agent persuaded me that I would have the relevant skills/experience to do the role….
So, I finished the meeting with them and left them with permission to present me to EDS. The agent called me back the next morning (Wednesday) saying the EDS would like to interview me that afternoon. I was very surprised, both about how quickly it had happened and that I was a possible fit for the role. I agreed and got to ready to go to the interview that afternoon.

The interview was in central Auckland, in the CBD (City Business District). The CBD runs right up to the harbour and is actually quite small , I guess like London's 'square mile'. I managed to park practically outside on a meter and went into the purpose built building .
The interview went very well, I got on well with the guy conducting the interview and felt that I answered the questions he asked well. By the time I had finished the interview I thought it likely that I would be offered the contract, and fed that back to the agent. The agent was pleased with the feedback and a little surprised that I had been able to 'read' that into the interview.
Sure enough, when he called me back Thursday morning he confirmed that EDS wanted to offer me the role, I was amazed at the speed things had happened but thought it would be a good opportunity to get involved with a major IT player and gain valuable NZ experience. I said I would confirm me acceptance with him in the afternoon.
I went to another appointment that I had with another agent that afternoon , and having spend some time with their profiler discussed the role and position I had been offered. They were a little gutted not to have the opportunity to present me to EDS themselves , but thought it would be too good an opportunity to miss.
So, I got back to the agent and formally accepted the contract.
Four working days in the country and I had some work to get me started, it was a great start!

Well, that was a while ago and to cut a long story short, I completed the initial three months in the EDS offices in the Auckland CBD, before accepting an extension to the end of June 2007 in the location just over the Auckland Harbour Bridge in a place called Takapuna, on the North Shore. As we wanted to move to the North Shore, this has proven to be ideal and that is where we now live.

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