Monday, June 01, 2009

The New Smoker

What do you do when you are land locked due to the weather and you have just had your new smoker deliver the night before....?

You go to the butchers and stock up for a mega smoke out!

So after a quick trip the 'The Butchers Block" in Silverdale, we had some nice Pork Sausages, a Free Range Chicken, some Free Range Chicken drum sticks and a piece of Lamb.

As we did not have time for marinating the meats and we wanted to see how the smoker worked on its own we just oiled it with olive oil and season it with salt and pepper.

We then loaded the the meat into the racks and slid them into the smoker.
This the Bradley Digital Smoker , 6 Rack model.
It can smoke a tonne of meat! we had two racks spare!

It was preheated to 100C and I set it up to smoke for 1hr 40 min, and then cook for a further 3hr 20 min.

The smoke unit is on the left hand side and you put preformed wooden briquettes in the stacker, which looks like a chimney.

All the times and temperature are controlled electronically, so that's all you have to do , except wait.
Each briquette last about 20 mins and is 'shuffled' into the water bowl you can see at the bottom of the smoker there.

For todays session we used the 'Special Blend' smoking briquettes, which are similar to Manuku we are told.

We had our smoker on the top desk and 3hours in we got hit by a storm, gale winds and driving rain hit the front of the house. Normally this spot is fairly sheltered and dry, not today, and I had tip the table on the deck on its side to give it some protection from the elements.

As it was struggling to , maintain the cooking temperature of 100c we decided to get the meat out, at the 4.5 hr mark, it had had all its smoking time and was just slowly cooking.
We tested the meat temperatures; the lamb was done, the chicken was nearly done and we just gave the sausages and drum sticks a little time in the house oven to ensure they were!

The results:

The lamb was cooked between rare and medium rare, we took a sliver of the edge to taste it, it is good. This will be dinner on the Queen Birthday holiday, here in NZ.

The chicken legs are great, we had them as part our dinner on the Sunday. Freya really like these and has two on her own.

The sausages were also had with Sunday dinner, I have to say they are awesome, I suspect a good base product, added to be the smoking.

The chick looks great, as we have some much meat cooked we let this cool and I have 'vac packed' it and it is in the freezer , readly for another easy meal another day.

All in all I good inaugural smoke out, we have tonnes of recipes to try and can't wait.

I just need to get some fishing in , and will target a Kingi now I have the smoker to deal with all the meat!

OMG that is one serious smoker! Can't wait to have a feast with you and yours.

Love M
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